Youth Energy announced today that GAME employees will be powered by their new natural energy drink this Black Friday, 25th November 2016.

Black Friday is one of the busiest days for GAME, with all of their nationwide stores and their online shop going into overdrive as orders come flooding in for the Black Friday deals. To help the GAME employees get orders fulfilled and keep them on the ball throughout the day, Youth Energy announced that 1000 cans of their new natural energy drink will be delivered to GAME’s HQ this week.

Jason Freeman, CEO and Founder of Youth Energy stated that “Having only launched our natural energy drink back in July, for an opportunity like this to have come so early in our distribution program is fantastic. GAME is a great company and one which we are very proud to be associated with this Black Friday.”

Youth Energy has seen a continuous rise in their sales both through their online store and in retail stores. They are now being seen as a brand who will soon have a big part to play in the ever growing energy drink market. 2017 is setting itself up to be an interesting year for the natural energy drink!

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