Why Youth Energy?


Youth Energy is all about youthful living, we decided to take a select group of our favorite plants and discovered how to put them in a drink that would provide energy, yet still be good to the body. We started with the yerba mate plant, not only for its anti-ageing properties and the fact that it has every nutrient known to sustain life, but because it generates the same feelings of euphoria that you get with chocolate – and who doesn’t want that! We then added in ginkgo leaves and ginseng for an all-round energy kick and, finally, artichoke, not just because it offers immune support but also for its calming effects on anxiety.

Many of us have experienced anxiety and high stress levels, so this plant is important too because it helps to calm any jitters. We feel that it is more important today than ever to have something that could help many of us who suffer with stress.

Next came the challenge of keeping it low calorie. Simply by using natural sugar from fruits we have managed to ensure that each 250ml can contains the same amount of calories as half a banana.

It took us 18 months to develop the formulation of the drink, but it was worth the time as the result was so great!.

We hope you too will enjoy Youth Energy!